Stonework Services Calgary

Transform your home into a masterpiece with Calgary Stonework. As Calgary's premier artisans in custom stonework for residential spaces, we pride ourselves on turning your vision into reality. Our expertise lies in designing, crafting, and installing bespoke stonework that enhances the beauty and value of your home. From elegant fireplaces to sophisticated kitchen counters and luxurious bathroom vanities, our work is a testament to our dedication to excellence and attention to detail.

Custom Stone Countertops

Revamp your kitchen into a culinary paradise that will last the test of time. We specialize in creating custom stone countertops that epitomize precision and elegance. Utilizing state-of-the-art laser technology, we meticulously measure and cut to every aspect of your space, ensuring a flawless fit around sink components and other fixtures.

Custom Stone Countertops

Stone Bathroom Surfaces

Envision a bathroom that’s crafted just for you. We craft bespoke stone surfaces that transform your bathroom into a haven of sophistication and style. From sleek marble vanities to textured granite shower walls, our expert artisans ensure each piece is perfectly tailored to your space, bringing a touch of elegance and durability that elevates your daily routine.

Bathroom Remodels

Natural Stone Fireplaces

Bring warmth and elegance to your home with a natural stone fireplace. Our expert craftsmanship turns natural stone into stunning centerpieces. Each fireplace is designed and handcrafted to complement your living space, adding a timeless charm and cozy ambiance that makes every moment at home special.

Natural Stone Fireplaces

Stone Flooring Installation

Elevate your home with the enduring elegance of stone flooring. Our stone flooring options, ranging from classic marble to contemporary granite, offer unparalleled versatility in design, ensuring a perfect match for your home’s decor. With its easy maintenance and lasting resilience, stone flooring is an investment in timeless style and practicality, enhancing the value and charm of your living space for years to come.

Stone Flooring