About Us

Since our founding over 15 years ago, Calgary Stonework has established itself as a foremost provider of custom stone solutions in Calgary. Our foundation rests on a simple yet profound principle: The customer is our priority. From the outset, our committed team works closely with you, ensuring that your needs, preferences, and budget are fully understood and respected.

The essence of our service lies in meticulous attention to detail. As Calgary’s distinguished custom stone artisans, we take the time to grasp your vision thoroughly before bringing it to life. Every aspect, from the overarching design to the minutest detail, is meticulously planned to align with your aspirations before construction begins. At Calgary Stonework, quality is not just a feature but the core of our ethos. We utilize only the highest quality materials, ensuring durability and elegance in every project.

Our team comprises passionate experts, each bringing years of craftsmanship and a deep understanding of stone. We blend exceptional workmanship with contemporary design to create stone features that are not only visually captivating but enduring. We recognize the importance of choosing the right partner for your home renovation. Therefore, we encourage you to explore our reputation and previous work thoroughly. Feel free to read online reviews or talk to our past clients.

As one of Calgary’s leading custom stone specialists, we infuse passion into every project. We take pride in crafting stone features that reflect and enhance our customers' lifestyles and preferences. If you're planning a renovation in Calgary and seeking a skilled and experienced partner, consider Calgary Stonework. Let us help you create a home that truly embodies your individuality. Welcome to Calgary Stonework - where excellence in craftsmanship and customer satisfaction are our foremost commitments.

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